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Pakistan becomes full signatory of Washington Accord

During Ramadan and Eid, I received a lot of emails from Chairman PEC. Mostly the emails were sent as a reminder to me, to renew my membership. Hehe… As if that’s gonna happen (No money in my pocket).

The email that caught my attention was the last one. According to this email, Pakistan is now a full signatory of Washington Accord. All the graduates from Universities registered with HEC from now onwards will not have to go through emigrational assessment test for their degrees. It is a huge milestone and relief for all the graduates who want to work abroad.

I hope the Email is not confidential, sharing here.

My Dear Engr. Mehwish Younus,

“Pakistan” has been declared as “Full Signatory” of the Washington Accord. A highest prestigious international forum of International Engineering Alliance, in its General Assembly Meeting, held in the USA on 21st June 2017.
PEC was representing the country to attain full signatory status of Washington Accord since 2011. Washington Accord is a highly rigorous global standard on engineering education and accreditation system which grants substantial equivalence of degrees; means international recognition to equate at par with top leading signatory countries of the world. To give benefit to cross-border mobility of engineers. The process of accreditation of an applicant country is to check its quality of engineering education and competency of engineers. It is judged through representative of reviews by at least 3 to 5 signatory countries. It is their set criteria to observe implementation of an Outcome-based education system in the applicant economy. Pakistan gone through all these reviews. Final review by 3 signatories namely New Zealand, UK, and South Korea was taken place in last year. Review report was on agenda of the meeting held in June 2017 of WA/IEA at Anchorage USA where PEC defended the case for Pakistan in different meetings of WA/IEA and finally declared as full signatory unanimously. The decision was taken by the signatories in a close session.
It is pertinent to note that admission into Washington Accord is so rigorous that only 18 countries have got this status in last 25 years. Pakistan enters into signatory status as the 19th country and 3rd Islamic country after Malaysia & Turkey. Certainly, it has been a great achievement and honor for the nation, particularly the engineering profession and universities accredited by PEC under Washington Accord status. Engineers registered with PEC under this category of HEIs will be considered at par with world class competent professionals and will not be evaluated for any emigrational assessment for their degrees and will be eligible for professional jobs outside in developed countries. Also, Engineering Consultant Companies working abroad may hire local Engineers registered with PEC. This achievement has not been possible without the support of task force comprising of senior professionals. Prof Dr. Naiz Ahmad key role in line with a pivotal/driving role of Engr Dr. Nasir Mahmood Khan, Head Accreditation Division of PEC was commendable.The hard work was done by the committee to upgrade all the standards and accreditation process coupled with the preparedness of HEIs for the periodic reviews by Washington Accord signatories. It had made this journey to accomplish the highest milestone of global recognition by Washington Accord. The chairman PEC congratulates the whole engineering community, Governing body, PEC management, the Convener EA/QEC and his team particularly the consistent hard work of Accreditation Division lead by Dr. Nasir Khan over the last few years.
He added that PEC is carrying out various such initiatives to play its leading role within and outside the country to keep the national flag high and to earn highest professional repute while regulating engineering profession in the country. He further added that this award will provide not only confidence to students, HEIs, but also develop the trust of foreign engineering companies to work jointly in Pakistan. Again it will give for reaching impact of the creation of jobs within the country with international groups. This event is a landmark in the history of Pakistan/PEC. In Sha Allah coming generation will feel proud of it and PEC recognition in the country and abroad will be seen as a credible forum of accrediting quality oriented HEIs only.
With best wishes on Eid and have a good day. We are working for “Proud to be Engineer”.


(Engr. Jawed Salim Qureshi)

HEC Ranking for Engineering Universities

Yesterday, the newspaper enclosed HEC ranking pamphlet for Universities. All the Universities were placed in different categories. The pamphlet included ranking criterion as well. Teaching quality and Research were allocated the highest scoring criteria of 30 and 41 respectively.

I am sharing info. regarding Engineering Universities. All students who are interested in studying Engineering this is the best time to decide which University you want to opt for.

Top 10 Engineering Universities according to HEC Rankings

For complete info visit:

Eid-ul-Fitr and Bakengg.

This year, the announcement regarding the sighting of Eid moon was quick. Almost after 15 minutes of Maghrib prayers, all the news channels confirmed that Eid moon has been sighted and Eid-ul-Fitr will be celebrated in Pakistan on Monday 26 June 2017. 

With this sudden announcement, there was happiness in the air and my mother started preparations to make Sheer for Eid day after Iftar. It has become a tradition in my home to bake a cake for Eid day as well. So, my elder sister started baking. I, as usual, helped her out in measurements. The baking of cake and frosting was finished at 12 am. We woke up at 6 am on Eid day to finish the assembling and decoration of the cake.

Here you have it… The star of Eid day, Ferrero Rocher cake.


As this is not a baking blog, I will only share how we made it instead of sharing the recipe. The cake base was made in two 10×10 inch pans and layered into four. The base ingredients included eggs, cocoa powder, chopped walnuts, oil, baking powder and soda, plain flour, granulated sugar, and essence.

For frosting, we mixed icing sugar, butter, and Nutella in a bowl with the help of an electric beater.

After layering the two cakes into four, it was time to assemble the entire thing. The layers were topped with frosting and a variety of chopped mixed nuts (cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios, and walnuts). After completing this process for all three layers the last layer was topped with frosting and decorated with Ferrero Rocher. Some more chopped mixed nuts were sprinkled on sides of the cake.

Once again Eid Mubarak friends…

Keep the celebrations simple.

Remember all in prayers.