What is greatness? And who are great people? What makes a person great? How is greatness achieved? Does greatness come in the lineage? Are people born with a silver spoon, great? Or the politicians, leaders, conquerors or emperors can be referred as great?


To me great are those people who are the good doers, the humanitarians, the ones who believe in the values and never compromise on them. Great are those, who sacrifice for others. Who are moralistic. The people who accept their mistakes and never let ego control them. The ones who are willing to accept challenges, those who aren’t naysayers. Those who have control of their desires are great. Those who forgive are great.

Greatness,  has nothing to do with name, fame and riches of the world. It has to do with your deeds.

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

~William Shakespeare, The Twelfth Night




10 Tech Gifts for Engineers Around You


I’ve always loved gifting others on different occasions. Whether it be a birthday present, or a gift given as a token of appreciation, gifts no doubt have a great importance in maintaining relationships.

I give more than I receive anyways… So, if someone out there is planning to gift this Engineer, with a piece of gadget or two, this is what I would love to have.
Techpakoray, describes creative ideas on how you can gift a present to the most supernatural being on earth, “An Engineer”.

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Source: 10 Tech Gifts for Engineers Around You