Stop killing innocent Kashmiris

Kashmir Killings

We are innocent and harmless,

We don’t have guns, we are helpless.

But we would fight unarmed,

It’s time for your army to become alarmed.

We don’t mean violence, we don’t mean hatred,

It’s only you who feels delighted with bloodshed.

We don’t follow your ways, we don’t win by force,

Love, peace and patience will be our winning source.

Until our children, men and women die,

Like a mountain we would stood by.

We’ll keep on waiting for the decry,

“Stop killing innocent Kashmiris”.


Don’t look back


Reminiscing today.

The first time I ever participated in a competition was when I was in Montessori. It was an egg and spoon race. The aim of the race was to save the egg in the spoon from falling. 

I was leading the race. Suddenly, my cap; every participant was given a paper cap, fell down from my head. Before start of the race, we were advised to return the cap as soon as the event ends. Me, like always took the advise seriously and stopped to pick up the cap. Eventually other competitors took up speed and won. I came last.

That paper cap, wasn’t worth gold. If I had not stopped to pick it up, I would’ve won the first ever competition of my life. I am like that stupid rabbit who always stops to take a nap. It forgets that the turtle might catch up. Whatever the reasons are for my stopping in the middle of the race of life, I lose every time. May be Allah{S.W.T} was trying to teach me a lesson from the beginning. But I never understood His ways. don't look back

I stopped to pick up the pieces of my broken friendships every time, when I already had the lead in the game of life. That’s why I lose. Those friendships weren’t worth looking back to. Only now I realize, when I see them succeed before me.

Don’t look back, if something or someone is gone, let it go. Like dead people don’t wake up from their sleep, dead relationships don’t do either. Stop chasing past. Keep moving forward. Break rules, don’t even follow advises. It’s ok to put yourself first sometimes.



A trip  down memory lane…

Indeed it was a great achievement clearing Semester Examinations. An achievement that advanced me to the next semester of my engineering journey.

Fast forward to 2nd Semester, life seemed easy and I was getting hang of studies. It was July, one of my classmate’s, whom I acquainted in first semester, offered me to join her team in an event.

SENTEC (Society of Engineering and Technology) organizes an event almost every year at NED University. The event comprises of different competitions, quiz and project display. Our team decided to take part in project display, as we registered for the event at the eleventh hour. We had few days to make something worthy of displaying at the competition.

Our team met on Saturday, a non-working day, at University. All of the team members were assigned a task. I was asked to make a poster showcasing the project. Although taking part in making actual project, would’ve been great too. It would’ve increased my skills in electronics.

To me no job is more or less. Making poster was also a job, and I stood up well to the challenge of preparing an informative poster.


This was the project made by team lead. A robotic car which operates from a mobile phone.

How does this happen?

As I am not much of an electronics geek, this is what I understood.

What is DTMF (dual-tone multi frequency) ?

In early times, telephones have a rotary type dial which were then replaced by keypads. Whenever a person wants to dial a number he/she presses different keys on the keypad. These keys represent a combination of tones/frequencies, as the name DTMF, dual-tone multi frequency suggests. This combination prevents misinterpretation of signal on the telecommunications tower, as a unique tone is sent for every number dialed.

For more understanding of DTMF, visit:


The robotic car was programmed via a micro-controller. For every key pressed on the mobile phone, the car performed a function, like moving forward if 2 is pressed and backwards if 8. Every key on the dial pad was allotted a function.

Want to make a project like this? Visit: Instructables

The middle child

The middle child

If you’re here and reading this post, then don’t worry, I write a lot about myself. This post isn’t about me, since I am the youngest child of my family of five. Then who’s its ’bout? It is about the middle child of my family, my elder sister.

First of all, a very happy birthday to you, sis. May you live years, and keep annoying me and eldest sister.😛 Yes, that’s exactly what you do. Annoy us. You enjoy all the freedom, making us back bite.

Happy birthday sis
Happy birthday sister.

Reasons why I and eldest sister envy you:

Because of middle child syndrome:

You’re not given responsibilities like eldest sister. Neither are you asked to follow the eldest sisters footsteps like I am asked to do. You may feel excluded, but trust me, it’s an advantage.

You’re at liberty to enjoy your life:

You can get married when you like. You’re not forced to marry early because you’re the eldest, and you don’t have to marry last because you’re the youngest. You can enjoy your life.

Because you’re an independent women:

Nobody treats you like a baby, like they treat me. Nobody asks you to set examples like they ask eldest sister. You’re independent and you rule. Neither you lead nor you follow.

Nobody expects anything from you:

Another benefit that you have of being the middle child is nobody expects anything from you. You’re not scolded if you get bad grades or fail to keep your job.

You get what we get:

Remember, wearing the same outfits? When I wasn’t born, parents bought you the same outfit they bought eldest sister and when I was born they bought you again the same outfit they bought me. You get what we get. That’s unfair.

You always have someone to talk to:

When it’s war zone, you have someone to communicate to. You can talk with me, when you’ve fought with eldest sister, and when you’ve fought with me, you can talk with eldest sister. You have the advantage of being an elder and being the younger, the same time.

Hopeless Sundays

Unemployment of fresh grads

Sunday, a day to relax, to release tensions faced entire week. But for me it isn’t. It’s the day, when I wait eagerly for the newspaperman.

I don’t read newspaper much, the only columns I do read are Images and Careers. What else do you think a fresh grad will do with a newspaper?

Sundays are hopeless. Sometimes I apply for jobs that aren’t relevant to my studies. Because I don’t see any job listings with the requirement of telecom degree. And when there is some opening related to telecom, it requires millions of certifications and years of experience.

I am looking for a new direction in my job search. I hope this info graphic will help me. Career in telecom sector

I’ve tried in Telenor, Zong, PTCL, Cybernet and Wi-tribe so far.

  • Telenor conducted an online test for its Summer Internship Programme. I cleared the test and made to the third round of interviews. They offered me internship in Sales Department. I didn’t want to go in sales, but agreed. Afterwards I didn’t get a call back interview for final selection. 
  • Zong conducted an online test as well for its Graduate Trainee Programme (GTP) at University. It was the most longest test ever. And the only question I do know in that test was about Nyquist theorem which I also answered incorrect. Hehe, I was a bit frustrated, seeing the test. So, no chances there.
  • PTCL, I had pretty bad experience during my internship there. But I still applied for Trainee Programme. Never received the admit card. Have to wait another year.
  • Cybernet, the place where I dropped my Resume, a billion times. When I finally get called there for interview of Trainee Programme, I couldn’t go because of timings issue. 
  • Another ISP where I submitted my résumé is Wi-tribe. They didn’t have any openings there, so they promised to follow me up when an opening comes. And that hasn’t happen up till now.

Thanks a lot for reading this far. Only fresh grads of Karachi can understand the agony.

Posts in Unemployment series:

No more family interaction


When you’re sitting alone and bore at home, it’s the time when you realize that your family has ceased interaction with you.

It’s been almost 5 months since my unemployment. The time on job was tough for me, returning late from overtime, and that too was unpaid. The reason why I left my first and only job. And now when I am home, I find myself to be a couch potato, sitting all day long in front of laptop or television. The same schedule everyday has exhausted me. After graduation and before job I use to assist my elder sisters in cooking. I got bored repeating the same activity daily. Cutting vegetables, adding spices in the food, it’s all same everyday.

What to do? Well, when my sisters are free, they pass time on their smartphones. Sometimes, my eldest sister show me funny videos on her cell. But that’s not much of interaction, is it? Right? The only man in the house, that is my father, spends his time watching news. Mother, like all house wives, is always busy in chores.

This mystery to investigate why my family has ceased interaction, requires a time travel.

Trying to bring back memories from my past.. Shaking my brain. Aha. I remember. Me and father use to play board games and cards in free time. In fact the entire family was fond of playing these. We even place bet on winning. Whoever loses the match bought ice cream for all.

Ludo, snakes and ladders, chess, monopoly, solitaire, carom board etc were among the many games that we played. Family and games

Everyone somehow shifted to playing online games. I did too. When I was in University, I played online Scrabble during vacations. Now I don’t, because I don’t see any fun in playing with a random player from different time zone. A single match lasts for weeks. I don’t like Candy Crush either. Unlimited levels! Why people are obsessed with it?

The second activity that we did on weekends, was to watch a movie. My father use to lend a movie cassette from shop and we watched it late night. That was total fun. No more movie nights.


My time travel has exposed to me, why we have no more family weekends. Technology, I hate you sometimes. Those games were inexpensive way of family bonding. And the movies that we watched ocellphones-overusen VCR was also a form of amusement. When everything is available online from games to movies, how will people interact? All have their eyes glued to the screens of their smartphones, tablets and laptops.

What happened to my one big happy family? Do you feel the same way? That technology has lessened family interaction? How can one revive family nights in the era of technology?

The power of positive thinking


Why think positive? How can one even think positively when surrounded by negative forces and facing hard times? Are you jumbled up in thoughts? Questioning yourself?

There are certain times in life, when we feel there are no reasons to smile. Feeling down and depressed, hopeless and pessimistic happens with everyone. It’s completely normal. In times like such, one should think of countless things they are blessed with. The brain acts like filter in these circumstances, storing all the bad that is happening and ignoring all the good that has happened.

think positive
Image from:

Next time you think negative, remember:

  • Negative thinking reduces life span.
  • May lead to self-criticism.
  • When you think negative, it affects the people around you. They might end up thinking the same way.
  • It’s a total waste of time. Negative thinking doesn’t change your situation.

How to think positive:

  • Wasn’t successful today? There is always tomorrow.
  • There was some harm for you in what you wanted.
  • Surround yourself with those who think positive.
  • Smile, even in the toughest of situations.
  • Take actions. If you don’t act then how will you change your situation?
  • Nobody’s life is perfect.

Islam and Sadness:

Yesterday, my friend attended a seminar organized by NED Girls Society about the power of positive thinking.

Positive thinking
The Power of Positive Thinking, by Dr. Zehra Agha.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend it. She shared a video with me shown at seminar.

Hope this helps.