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Monthly updates

Hey, friends, I got extremely busy in learning Arabic with Bushra, I was unable to update my blog for almost a month. And lately, my laptop’s Hard drive just failed to read anything and is corrupted. I have lost tons of important data. Felt a little dejected, cause first my cell phone and now my laptop, both have left me alone in this world of boredom and misery! The only working laptop I have now, is the one I got through PM laptop scheme, don’t want to lose it either. So, I guess my blog won’t have many updates from now onwards.

I’ll try and update my blog every month or so.

Besides learning Arabic, somewhere in the beginning of April, I and Bushra visited the Urdu Bazar and bought Aisha some Islamic books, as we were unable to attend her wedding, we wanted to gift her with something that she is fond of. However, we are still unable to arrange a get together with her.
In the mid of April, I did some Bakengg. with my elder sister. Don’t worry, I didn’t make a spelling mistake I wrote it intentionally that way. As my sister is the one who likes to bake and I, the engineer girl who helps her to do the accurate measurement of ingredients, Baking becomes Bakengg. in my dictionary. We made cupcakes, biscuits and then some more cupcakes. The cupcakes were baked to perfection the first time we tried, I guess it was beginners luck! Didn’t turn out to be that well next time we tried.
At the end of April, I become interested in arts and crafts, or I can say that my love for arts and crafts was revived. As I wanted to gift Aisha the best present ever, I made a book box for her out of cardboard and fabric. This activity became the basis of my love for crafting and recycling old stuff. I practiced sewing, stitching, made a clutch and a wall-hanging as well with the same materials.
Not to forget, I became an aunt to three more fluffy kittens last month.
I guess last month made me more of a girl because of the activities I did were quite different from my previous ones which involved roaming around in the city like boys and searching for a living.

If I haven’t bored you with yarns about my life, then like and comment. It keeps me motivated to write. And yes, if someone from you wants to buy me a cell phone or a new laptop, I’ll be extremely delighted! Just kidding! Hehe.

Activities to do in Ramadan 2017


Hey, friends, as you all know Ramadan will start in a few days, here is a list of activities that homebodies like me, can perform:

Learn the Arabic Language:

Although Arabic and Quran were taught as separate subjects besides Islamiat in my school from primary till secondary, I found it really hard to recall anything when I started revising Arabic this year.

So, guys and girls, I think Ramadan is the best time to study Arabic. Find a tutor, who can teach you Arabic online or start self-learning through books, blogs, and websites, whatever seems easy to you. A piece of advice, do go for a tutor, as Arabic is quite a difficult language and there are minor details that you won’t be able to understand on your own.

If you are a native speaker of this language, you can always enroll yourself in other Islamic courses online.

Memorize Dua’s:

Start with memorizing and understanding basic dua’s like Dua before performing ablution, Dua before traveling, Dua when going to bed, etc. And do apply those in daily life, it is a good way to remember and save your memory from rusting.

Read an Islamic book:

Last year a gave a list of books that one can read during Ramadan, I am leaving the link below so that if you haven’t read those yet you can read em’ now. Or simply pick a new book and start reading it.

Read an Ahadith book or read about the life of the Prophets and the Khalifahs, anything that catches your interest.

Books to read during Ramadan: I recommend

Do plantation:

Yes, you read it correctly, start planting. Buy empty pots or simply put some mud in an empty soda bottle with a few seeds. It gets really hot during Ramadan in Karachi, and you’ll be doing wonders for the environment. You can make this activity a form of charity even, by planting trees outside the premises of your house.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Never does a Muslim a plant a tree or sow a crop and a bird, human being, or beast eats from it without earning the reward of charity.” [Sahîh al-Bukhârî (2320) and Sahîh Muslim (1553)]

Participate in preparing Sahoor and Iftar:

Lastly, help in preparing Sahoor and Iftar. This activity can also be performed by males. Guys, it won’t hurt to lend a hand in the kitchen!

If there is an interesting activity you do in Ramadan and want to share it, do comment.

Careers In Writing

Are you an aspiring writer? Want to take up a career in writing? Check out this infographic I made. I tried my best to give information if I had messed up, comment and let me know.  I’ll add and correct, wherever required.

  • Concept/Creative Writing is the same.
  • Research Analyst is another term that some organizations use for an academic writer.

Just last year when I was in search of a job, I decided to check out writing jobs, as my eldest sister is an academic writer, I thought I may also end up having a career in writing.

As I searched these jobs, I came across different terms/fancy titles. Well, every organization has different requirements when it comes to writing. And not all may be of a person’s interests or suit their writing style.

Copyrights: Mehwish Younus. Prose, Poetry and a Lil’ bit of Engineering, 2017.

Study Arabic

Who should attend this class?

It is not necessary to be a Muslim to learn Arabic!

Almost anyone, who wishes to learn! House-wives, kids, professionals working in gulf countries, translators, all are welcomed!

Why take this class?

  • Access to course material all the time.
  • Special guidance will be given to all the attendees by the tutor.


Just another patriotic post

Among the advertisements aired by different brands yesterday on “Pakistan Day“, this is the one I liked most. It’s about amazing people in Pakistan and their achievements and how they have overcome challenges and made the impossible, possible. Although I didn’t find the anthem catchy, it’s informative and inspiring. #Sparkistan advertisement by an automotive company. Worth checking out: