In my Economics book, at the beginning of every chapter, a quotation was printed. I read a quote in that book, and noted it down in my diary. I will be discussing it today in my blog post.


So, what does the word Cynic means, and who is a cynic man?

CYNIC, (noun): A person who has negative opinions about other people and about the things people do; especially : a person who believes that people are selfish and are only interested in helping themselves.

Reference: merriam-webster

This is the simplest definition of the word, “cynic”, that I found online. To me not all people are selfish, some people do want to help others. They find comfort in helping humanity. While some are just self-centered, and only care about their goals and motives. As I wrote in one of my earlier posts, it’s about intentions. If a person is self-concerned, he might find others the same way. And a person who is kind, might think that all are generous. Some are kind, but not believe that others are kind too, due to an experience in the past. I am not a psychologist, all these views are primarily my own and not associated with any research.

Even if someone is interested in helping themselves only, like people say about governments, we can’t take it as an excuse for our own behavior. If the governments, or any institutions aren’t fulfilling our desired expectations, we should take measures ourselves. A good example of such measures is non-profitable organizations, who help the needy. A cynical person might also find them attention seeking.

Another easy example, to explain my point is of an educational institution, where the students cheat, and blame the teachers for not teaching them. If the teachers weren’t teaching them, they would’ve complained to the authorities, and if the authorities didn’t pay any heed to their complaints, they can always form study groups to help the students.

A person who thinks that loyalty and happiness can be bought, will never be able to value any feeling or any person. At the end of the day, the best way is to ignore people with diseased mentality. Success comes to those who help others and help themselves, in the best possible and moralistic ways.




A poem from my diary: All she ever wanted to do


A lovely poem from my diary. Never shared it on any online forum. Fingers crossed. Hope you guys enjoy.

                                                               All she ever wanted to do

poetryWas sew his shirt and tie his shoe

She never wanted a million boats or go on a cruise

She just wanted to heal his bruise

He was selfish and a little vindictive

He didn’t know his charm made her addictive

She kept believing all his lies

Because she wanted him to be her husband 

and she his wife


Friendship poem


Someone from my colleague’s wrote this poem a few years back. Since I am not in the mood to write something today, I am posting it here.  I can relate to this poem a lot.

Friendship is the best relation in this world. A friend is like a brother/sister, that you get to choose yourself.  But when a friend betrays you, you feel empty and cheated unable to trust anyone ever again.

Some people are meant to cross our path, perhaps as a lesson from god. Be wise in the selection of friends.

Why does it hurt when someone betrays you?
when someone breaks your trust;
when someone your own lies to you
tell me why it happen must?
Someone from whom you have expectations;
friendship, relations and much more,
When your friendship knows no limitations
they hurt you and don’t even feel sore
Ah! perhaps I made the wrong choice
or this long time has changed him
But he neither know trick nor vice
or its company that’s turned him thin
He is my best friend or so it was…
at least this is what I thought
He hasn’t even given me the right to be cross
so what besides could’ve I sought?
I am sad, alone full of solitude.
They say I am emotional,
” oh what happened to you dude?”
you are being so abnormally crude
I’m going to miss you dear buddy,
 coz you’re the one I can’t forget
I wish you’ll come back to me
and well be friends as soon as things will let 

~Hassaan Malik


When you achieve things on your own,

Only then you’ve grown!

When you achieve things through cheat,

That’s your biggest defeat!

~Mehwish Younus Shaikh

Something done successfully with effort, will, skill and courage is an achievement. The happiness you feel, when you achieve something on your own, can’t be explained. You feel joy and proud at the same time. Even if I haven’t had many successful accomplishments in my life, whatever I did had my heart, soul and flair in it. What, I didn’t achieve was never meant for me. I am at rest, that I never used unfair means to attain something. Yes, I’ve grown and my abilities too have been polished. If I were inequitable and had cheated, then I would never have the chance to learn and excel.