Feels like nothing

Hiding her face under the pillow, tears rolling down her dusty brown cheeks; with a heart pounding so hard, it could almost burst out her chest, a headache as immense as if someone banged her head against the wall.

Her eyes were sore and she couldn’t see properly. She had been crying since the last three or four hours.

She questioned herself “Have you ever felt so much pain that you couldn’t breathe?”

I felt for a while that I was in some other dimension. If I had died while crying, who would’ve cared?

Will I ever be reincarnated?

I could become a Princess with a hundred of dresses, but I would prefer to be a dark and heartless Witch. I would be a Demon who punishes the wrongdoers. A wicked fairy godmother perhaps.  half_angel_half_devil_by_violencex7-d6gbkgb

I would have an evil laugh, use my wand to cast dark spells that would make all those who hurt others turn to dust.

If I were ever to be reincarnated, I would prefer to be a psychopath who has a torture cell. Or little lady Goblin, as in fiction movies.

She could think as much as she wanted to, hoping for karma to reincarnate her soul accordingly. She felt hurt for a while, then it felt like nothing at all.

She washed her face, picked up her cellphone and messaged, “I hate you”.

She went to bed thinking it could’ve made her feel better but she cried again. 



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