Don’t teach me

The doorbell rings. You shout out loud, “Whose there?”

A shrill reply came from the other side, “It’s your daddy’s boss dear. Is daddy home? “

“Dad your boss is here!” you shout out loud again.

Since your daddy doesn’t want to meet the old lady, “Tell her dad’s not home”.

“Daddy just told me to tell you he’s not home!”, and you ruin things for your dad.

Since you were only three years old , your father forgives you.

“Children, what did I teach you yesterday?” your favorite teacher questions the class.

Raising your hands up, ask me, ask me!

“Miss A, you taught us not to lie”, you feel proud answering the question.

“Ah! It’s the lady from our neighbors again, what does she want now? Milk or sugar, why doesn’t she buy groceries herself, she’s always running out of things”, your mom sounds frustrated.

She was about to go buy groceries.

“Well, Mrs. S, I am going to the dentist, may be next time”.

“Mommy, why are you lying, Miss A taught us lying is a bad habit”, you feel like an upright person explaining your mom.

There is a very loud sound, as if a bomb exploded, your cheek is as red as a tomato.4245

“What’s taking her so long?”

“Honey it’s getting late”.

“Son, your mom is dressing up as if everyone’s going to look at her at the zoo, with that weight people won’t be able to distinguish between the hippopotamus and her”, your father laughs.

“Now don’t tell your mom what I told you”, your father is cautious this time.

“How am I looking dear?”

“Mom, dad said that you always look amazing”, you answer giggling.

indexYou’re in your teens now. By this time you’ve learned when to speak the truth, when to lie. You know that speaking the truth will get you into trouble, you prefer to stay out of matters of influential people, and you prefer to stay quiet. You can go gossiping about anyone but appear friendly at their faces. You can cheat if it gets your work done early, after all everyone else is doing it. You laugh at those who teach you morals, thinking of them as old fashioned or living under a rock. Yes you’ve succeeded. You’re a professional now. Nothing matters to you, all those bedtime stories with morals, seem unrealistic to you.

Don’t teach me anyone!

You won’t teach others either, you’re on questionable morals yourself. images

Don’t teach me morals, when you don’t apply.
Don’t teach me to speak the truth, teach me to lie.

Don’t teach me not to cheat.
Don’t say bad things ’bout greed.

Don’t teach me not to steal.
When you do it yourself, it ain’t a big deal.

Don’t teach me to share.
Inside you really don’t care.

Ain’t that unfair?

Don’t teach me to not backbite.
Cause you don’t even like when I am polite.

Don’t teach me anything, I might not abide.

Don’t teach me, please……