Eid 2015

Finally it’s Eid after twenty nine days of fasting. Muslims all around the world are busy celebrating this religious festival. Eid day for me has always been boring. Since the day calls to meet up relatives, I having close to none, spend this day either writing or reading something on my laptop. Last night I got one of palm’s mehndified (tattooed with Heena). As every girl is supposed to do so. Mom made traditional dessert, Sheer, this morning. Although I am not a fan of sweets much, this being the Eid of sweets, I enjoy eating the sweet treats these days. Not to forget Eidi, money that is given by the elders in colorful envelopes with Eid Mubarak printed on them. Growing older means less Eidi. 😦

Hope you all enjoy… Eid Mubarak.