Feeling Nostalgic: The Rain

It’s finally raining in Karachi. The wait was worth it. Cold breeze, transparent droplets of rain, along with tea and samosas; the perfect view with the perfect snack.flowers-in-the-rain-for-blog

Rain has been associated with sadness and loneliness in most of the writings, whereas some authors associate it with joy. Rain, to me is something nostalgic. Something that reminds you of past and memories. As a kid I use to play in the rain with my sisters a lot. We would take our rubber ducky and plastic toys to the rain. Handmade boats were also fun.rain And there was this steel boat that my father bought. You were supposed to lit a candle on top of the deck and it would float in the water.Sneezing after playing in the rain has happiness too. The hot tea and the pakoras by mom, everything about rain as a kid was worth remembering.

All the fun days are over. Seeing the lovely view and searching for rainbow afterwards are my activities now. All the hustle bustle by the neighbors kids always takes me back to my memories and I am inspired to write something.girl in rain

Happy Rainy season folks!