The beast of unemployment

In our life’s we have to pass through different phases , one of which is the one when we have earned a Degree and it’s bout’ time to get employed. We all have heard this phrase many times,”A degree doesn’t guarantee job, skills do”. As a matter of fact, it’s true. A lot of other factors too are involved in getting a person employed.

Earning bread and butter is a difficult job, especially in Pakistan where fresh graduates are expected to work over time at low wages.

Once you’ve cleared last semester, Facebook timeline of your friends will be filled with statuses like “I got a job at ABC company”, to make the situation even worse all the aunties will be questioning you “Aur beta/beti kb job lgri hai?”. You will feel the necessity to get employed the very instant.

Getting a job isn’t that tough. Drop your resume here and there, be confident during the interview and attend tests too. Small companies are in the look out of young talent and they will hire you immediately if you pass these criteria.

Wait….. did you forget something during the entire process? Does the job match your interests? Did you even inquire about the place you’re going to work? Did the job has any growth? Are there any facilities offered by the company? Is there balance between work and life? Do you even know your JD at that company or you’re doing each and everything you’re asked to?

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Being employed is not goofing around, it’s a responsibility. So, if you’re unemployed at the moment, try to learn new things, you might just improve your writing skills. Freelance articles, it’s a good way to earn. Don’t ever think that your time is going to waste. Nothing ever goes to waste. A software I learned just for fun came into use during my first job.

Stop worrying, start cherishing. You might realize your interests during this time and be on the road to success.




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