The list of a Narcissist

Believe it or not, almost all of us have been in relation with people who are so self absorbed that we tend to think they have something called self respect when they barely even respect others.  Such people are far from the word “respect”, and filled with ego and self admiration.

If sudden chaos in your life fails to make any sense, the answer to that is Narcissism and narcissistic people.

Sometimes most of us knowingly become victims of narcissistic people. Just cause we don’t want the other person to feel low of themselves. Although they are too shallow to feel even low.

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Here is a list of personality traits of narcissists:

  • Tends to be nice, friendly and supportive of others at first acquaintance.
  •  Gradually changes their behavior and gives the silent treatment to their victims.
  • Thinks that they know everything and they should be the center of attention.
  • Wants to be treated specially.
  • Has no empathy for others.
  • Brags about their financial status, religious offerings and creates a story of their success.
  • Abusive of others.
  • Mostly hypocrites.
  • The favorite sentence of a narcissist “You are crazy”.

Narcissists pick their victims easily. And their victims are mostly those people who they find successful, talented, expert in some area or someone who is admired by others. Narcissists like boosting their confidence by being friends with such people.

At first acquaintance the narcissist appears to be very confident and friendly. They compliment their victims a lot. Their victims tend to feel that they are special. In a short time the victim find himself paying for the narcissists stuff or doing the narcissists work.

As soon as the narcissist finds his victim to be of no use or of no worth, the narcissist changes his behavior. This might include silent treatment. The narcissist may cut off total contact with their victim without giving any prior warning. This could happen in months, in a few weeks or even overnight.

These people blame others for every wrong that happens in their life. They won’t even refrain from accusing others of having mental problems.

The only way of outsmarting a narcissist is to totally avoid contact with him/her. A narcissist is always in search of weak links in their victim’s life and may keep returning to fill their unfilled brink of self admiration.

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