Last Saturday morning

On Saturday morning I woke up to find my very old and dear friend drowned in water. I felt so sad. We were together since 6 years or so. 

I remember the first time we met. The touch was so amazing. And the sound quality was remarkable. We were so close. Sometimes I found you near me when asleep. Lying on bed here and there, and mom scolding me to take your good care as you’re fragile.

Yes, my Samsung mobile is now no more. Miss you old buddy. You were with me in every phase of my life.

I hope you remember, that time when I received my first interview call.

And the time when you had a great fall.

Broke the back cover but you were still fine.

Nobody else’s, you were only mine.

 The alarms to wake me up.

Or me messaging those unknown callers to shut up.

And the time when Bushra and I took you to zoo.

I know it’s painful, but somehow I’ll get through. 

RIP Samsung mobile…