Weird stuff from my grandma’s era

There are a lot of things that we miss from our childhood like eating ice lollies or playing with dolls. With the advancement of technology things that we use daily are changing. From dolls to tablets and gadgets, even the floppy disks are obsolete now and their place has been taken by memory cards. Nobody no longer uses audio cassettes cause our cellphones have its own audio players. No reel for camera it’s also replaced by high pixel camera phones.

Still in this high-tech era there is some stuff that exists from the 90’s or 80’s I guess. Stuff that gives me disgust, and I think why such stuff existed in the first place?

  1. Betel nut box:

    Whenever you visit your grandma you’ll find this beautiful looking box filled with tobacco,  areca nut, betel nut leaves and a cutter.

  2. Spittoon:

    This gives me extreme disgust. The spittoon a pot in which people spit their saliva. Gross.

  3. Cigar pipe and Hookah:

    Why the hell do people risk their health? If one is so found of smoking, smoke cigarettes instead. It has less tobacco content than smoking cigar pipe and hookah.

  4. Incense sticks:

    Although it has a religious importance for some but smelling it gives me a head ache. People can use Attar perfume or rose-water instead to keep their house odorless.