My Feline Friend

Cats on the couch, cats on the table, cats in the bathroom,  cats in the kitchen; cats here, cats there; cats everywhere. I and my sisters are a cat lover. We have taken care of almost 65+ stray cats since childhood. This fury and cute friend of mine never betrays me.


 The History of Cats:

All of you must have seen in the documentaries cats mummified in coffins. How did this start? The history of cats dates back to nearly 4000 years ago, when the cats were domesticated to save the harvest from pests.

Cat mummy
Cat mummified by Egyptians.

The Egyptian worshiped cats like gods and had them mummified and buried with the Pharaohs bodies. The cats were sacred beings for the Egyptians.

Cats in Islam:

All the Muslims must have heard the story of Prophet Muhammad’s (صلى الله   عليه وسلم) Cat, Muezza. A quick reminder to that story, it goes this way, the Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله  عليه وسلم) heard the call to prayer and Muezza was sleeping on one of the sleeves of his robe. As to not disturb Muezza, he (صلى الله  عليه وسلم) cut off the sleeves on which Muezza was sleeping.

The Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله   عليه وسلم) drank and did ablution from the same water that was previously drunk by his (صلى الله   عليه وسلم) cat.

One of the Companions of Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله   عليه وسلم), Abu  Hurayrah (رضي الله عنه), who narrated most of the Hadiths of the Prophet’s, was named as the “Father of Kittens” because he  (رضي الله عنه) carried with him a small tom cat where ever he went.

Cat lovers
A cat sitting near the Holy Quran.
* In Arabic, Hirra means cat and Hurayrah means a kitten.

Islam teaches the Muslims that,

  1. One can eat and drink in the same bowl the cat had eaten from, can perform ablution from the water the cat drank, can even eat the food eaten by cat if there is no impurity seen in the cat’s mouth and saliva.
  2. The cat cannot be sold for money or traded for other goods.
  3. The Muslims are allowed to live with cats, but they must provide the cat with enough food, water and play time.

Cats in Modern times:

  • Aoshima: A Japanese Cat Island

Aoshima is one of the islands in Japan, where cats outnumber humans by approximately a ratio of 6:1.

The cats were dropped on the island by boats to deal with mice that plagued the fishermen’s boats, eventually the cats stayed there and multiplied in population.

Aoshima Island on February 25, 2015.


  •  Cat Days

World Cat Day February 17th
Hug Your Cat Day June 4th
 International Cat Day August 8th

The International Fund For Animal Welfare

National Black Cat Appreciation Day August 17th
National feral cat day October 16th
National Cat Day (U.S) October 29th
National Black Cat Day November 17th
  • Featured in Movies and Books

Aristocats, Garfield, Puss in boots and many other movies and books feature cats as the main character.

Cats in movies
Garfield, the main character of the comic strip Garfield by Jim Davis.

Recent Cat News:

A must read for all Muslims.


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