Wish’s wish list

As a child I use to fantasize about the magical lamp owned by Aladdin,which upon rubbing would call a genie who could grant all your wishes.Aladdin's lamp

If I had such a magical lamp, there would be a long wish list that I would’ve wanted to be fulfilled.

I present you all, Mehwish’s wish list:

23. Want a giant stuffed pikachu.Pikachu

22. Own a personal domain. (since I am always making websites)


21. A collection of Disney channel movies. (Will watch these whenever bored)

Disney movies

20. A plate of chinese rice. (Yum)

chinese rice

19. A mystery wish. (If I told you it won’t be a secret then)

question mark

18.  Want Yummy jelly. (Some gummy bears, some sour punk etc…)


17. An unlimited wi-fi connection.


16. No more nerdy glasses. (have a better vision)


15. Branded Ice cream, sounds good.icecream

14. Own many books.


13. Want the most prettiest wedge. (I’m a shortie, this might help)

wedge shoes

12. Own a wacom graphics tablet. (hehe)

graphics tablet


11. Never get flu. (not sure if this is possible, I hate cough and cold)


10. Could fit in all dresses. (make me slim thin genie)

Weighting machine

9. Own a small cottage.


8. Have the world’s best mobile phone. Galaxy edge 7

7. Never get older than 23. (LOL! Forever young, I wanna be young at heart)Forever young

6. Want a long puffy dress.

taylor swift

5. Own a Turkish Angora.


4. Do the universe’s best job.dream job

3. Never have a single pimple on my face. (every girl wants this)


2. Have long curly hairs. (I just love curls)



1.  Princccccceeeeeeee Charming? No, I’ll stick with a true friend instead. Have the world’s best friend.






2 thoughts on “Wish’s wish list

  1. I would love a long puffy gown, unlimited net, and getting slim. My internet is limited (20 GB) and I feel like I am being denied of my basic human rights. Inhen “right to internet” add karna chahiye human rights men.

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