M for MAK, M for Mansoor

It all started when I joined MAK, in hope of learning a few quick tips and strategies to clear aptitude tests at different Engineering universities.

In Pakistan, getting admission in medical and engineering university is considered a huge deal.

It’s mathematics time, a Sir with a very long beard and somewhat bald head entered the class. There was silence, nothing could be heard. Suddenly  someone whispered, “Don is in the house”.

It was Sir Mansoor, the ever famous mathematics teacher of MAK. The silence was followed by a mathematics question regarding series, which he asked us to solve in 5 minutes. I already knew that question would take around half an hour to solve. But I still tried and showed to him confidently, I use to be very good at remembering formulae, differentials and integrals back then.

He went to everyone’s seat one by one and checked.

You won’t be given that much time during the actual test, Missie. Such a lengthy solution.

“Itni lambi solution, 2 page bhar diye!”.

After this remark I was terrified a lot. The class ended and everyone was relieved.

From that day onwards, all that could be heard in class was girls saying “Taliban”, all that could be seen was boys shivering with fear. This went on for a few days and eventually everyone started admiring him for his excellent mathematics skills and quick solutions to lengthy problems.

“Should girls take engineering?”, he questioned all the girls sitting in the classroom.

“NED’s test is just around the corner and I want all you Missie’s to be prepared for it. Clearing the test isn’t that tough, survival is!”.

Aik larki ne engineering join ki thi mere pichle batch se, civil engineering. Uski magni hui wi thi. 4 sal dhoop mein khare rehne k bd jb rishte wale aye to unhne kehdia ye kali larki kaun hai hm isse ni jante. Civil mat lena larkion.

There was a girl from my previous batch who took civil engineering at NED. She was already engaged, but after standing in grounds for surveying none of her in-laws could recognize who she was.

Mechanical ya automotive tou lene ki zarorat he ni hai. Sirf larke he larke honge.

There is no need to take mechanical or automotive, there will be so many boys in those departments.

Jab mein NED mein tha tb aik sir ne akele room mein hamari batch ki larki ko bolaya tha. Hmsb ne milkr uski gari ke sheeshey tordiye they.

When I was in NED, a sir asked a girl from our batch to meet him in his room alone. In return of his indecent request, all the boys of my group smashed the windows of his car.

Apne gird aik daayira bna kr ghumna larkion, jo us daire k andar ane ki koshish kre do kaas k thapar lga dna.

Stay conscious girls, if someone tries to misbehave with you, slap him tightly.

I think computer science and software are good choices for girls. After graduation, you will get office based jobs.

All his advises got me thinking, “Whether to be or not to be a girl engineer?”.

One day he took my notebook and showed it to everyone in the class. Such a congested solution.

“Itna ghussa ghussa kr solve kia hai?”.

Me: It’s easy for me that way.

Him: Ok, ok. It’s really good seeing you and Saniya solve all the problem sheets that I gave before anyone else did.

There are so many stories that I could remember. But I can’t share them all. Miss those moments and your advises Sir. You were like a father to all the girls. Would’ve taken to your advice and slapped a few boys at NED myself. Hehe.

Sir Mansoor , Shared By Umair Mannan.
Ladies and gentlemen the DON himself, Sir Mansoor.

Photo credits: MAK Gulshan Campus