How to spend the Eid day

With Ramadan almost coming to its end, Eid is just round the corner. The Eid day is a gift from Allah [SWT] to Muslims, after fasting 30 days.

Most of us find this day boring and some spend the day sleeping.

How many of us truly know the meaning of Eid? This day is supposed to be a day of gathering, speaking broadly a day of visiting our Muslim brothers.

A to do list this Eid, hope you all follow:

  • Take a shower, put on your best clothes, put some perfume/attar.
  • Offer Eid prayers at mosque. (Girls can offer prayers at home).
  • Meet your relatives and neighbours (Greet them hello, demand Eidi too. Gift one another presents and sweets).
  • Meet your friends (Just go over to their house and ask how’s life going. Go to parks, museums and other places with your friends).
  • Visit orphanage and retirement homes (These people really need someone to share their happiness with).
  • Don’t forget your house servants. Gift your maids, drivers, butlers and others new clothes.

There are tons of activities that one can do this day.

Advance Eid Mubarak to all.


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