Old is gold: When an angel falls in love with a devil

Another one of my most favorite poems written on All poetry blog a year ago. Whenever I am short on words and ideas, I share my old stuff with a new touch to it. Hope you all enjoy.

“Mom, do angels really exist?”, he questioned his mother, closing the book he was reading.

“Well, it depends on your belief, dear”. His mother answered.

“What do you mean? Do angels exist or not? Yes or no?”, he questioned again.

Not receiving any answer to his question, made him question again. “Mom, are angels good and pretty?”, “Are devils bad and ugly?”.

“It’s not necessary my dear, angels can be ugly and good, and devils can be good-looking but bad”, his mother answered in a polite tone.

“But my book says that angels are very pretty”, he justified his point to his mother.

“Yes, they can be good-looking and good doing too, in the same way a devil can be bad doing and bad-looking, like your story says, my love”, his mother tried explaining him again.

“Mom, are angels only girls and devils only boys?”, the boy questioned again making fun of his mother, with an innocent look on his face.

Mom: Ah, there you go again, dear. Angels are made of light, they have wings.

Boy: I was just joking mom.

Mom: You are a little rascal.

“So, Cindrella lived happily ever after”, the story finished and all the girls in the room were glad that they attended story time.

A small little girl yelled, “Miss, miss, can I help you arrange the book shelf?”.

“Sure, why not. You are the most nice student in my classroom. Thank you, my little angel”, the teacher answered.

Teacher: Did you like today’s story?

Girl: I am not sure about it. I mean do you really think there will be a Prince Charming for a poor girl or an ugly girl? Cindrella was pretty, the story says so.

Teacher: What’s in your heart is better than what’s in your pocket. If your heart is pure and clean, then what’s in your pocket won’t matter, a filled pocket won’t save you on judgement day.

Ugliness is in the heart not on the face. If you envy, hate and do bad deeds then your face won’t save you on the day of judgement either.

So, do you want a Prince Charming?

“No, no, I was just asking”, the little girl said blushing.

Years passed, the devilish boy and the angelic girl met.

Angel Devil poem

Very beautiful poetry, which though embellished with vivid imagery, reflects what often happens in the real world. There have been many news headlines about Devils keeping innocent Angels as captives for their personal gratification for years and even decades. Many of those Angels couldn’t survive the cruelty and lost their lives. The ones who were lucky to be rescued have told their horror stories to the world. But those Devils, even after having been caught and punished, have never showed any remorse. That is the nature of devils and so is the nature of angels. Life is just like that. A wonderful and thoughtful poem about what really happens to some angels who may or may not have fallen in love with a devil but nevertheless are trapped into the devil’s evil spell. Five hearts tribute to this amazingly captivating poem that is a must read. –Dr Asghar Naseer