Clean and Green

Most of us get annoyed when a passing by car splashes our clothes with mud and water. We find it gross and dirty to cross streets. We curse the authorities for not paying attention to the sanitary conditions, however, we don’t stop the habit of throwing wrappers on road. What’s the big hurry?, safe the wrapper somewhere and throw it later. Even the so named, “Kachre wala (the cleaner)”, who come to our houses to pick up dustbins, dump the trash near footpaths. Why? Aren’t there dumping grounds for this purpose? Our house maids after cleaning, either put the trash in front of entrance, or discard it in front of neighbors house. The women too are fond of throwing baby diapers on road.  Why? Why is everyone so lazy?

I am not blaming anyone, not you, not the authorities, just questioning. Independence day is coming soon. Let us all promise ourselves that we will make Pakistan a clean and green country. Insha Allah.




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  1. Very right advice. Everyone is responsible for this as we can’t point fingers to particular individuals. We should all play our part in cleaning up our beloved city from all kinds of trash and garbage.

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