Bake a Cake

An article written for online test of Creative Chaos (An interesting activity that you did recently).

Getting the chance to behave like a kid as an adult, happens once in a while. For me this opportunity came along when I was sitting unemployed at home, getting bored and wasting time doing nothing.

It was Eid day, my elder sister decided to bake a cake as a sweet treat for the guests instead of preparing the usual sweet dish namely, sheer korma. We planned to attract more guests to our table than the other relatives by making this cake, since everyone gets fed up of eating the same dish over and over on Eid day.

The procedure started by baking a cake mixture that we bought from store in an eight-inch round pan. When the cake was fully baked, it was left aside on a rack to cool down. For the icing, a white chocolate mousse was prepared by mixing chocolate chips, whipping cream and some icing sugar. A layer of strawberry jelly was too prepared. The entire cake was assembled in another nine-inch round pan. The cake was left in the refrigerator to cool.

The fun part starts now, it’s about time that I start decorating the cake with candies, chocolates and sprinkles. Like a kid I decorated the cake with tons of star-shaped colorful chocolates, showered it with sprinkles too. We kept some extra decorations on the table, so that everyone could decorate their piece of cake as they like.baking

We were able to attract many guests to our table, most of which were kids and grown-ups who had a child hidden in them somewhere.



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