Funny yet disturbing memories from my childhood

Memories always stay on our minds whether they be good ones or horrible ones.  Enjoy every second of your life so when you grow older you would have something to recall and cherish.

1. Lizard blizzard:

It was weekend, our family was visiting grandma’s home. All the kids, including me went to the roof for playing games. There stay in hiding a horrifying, disgusting, brown, huge lizard.

Moments later……House lizard

I was screaming and crying, out of all the girls the lizard chose my frock to crawl up to. Gross and tacky. Why me? I took a bath later as I was so scared of getting infections. From that day on I and Lizard are arch enemies.

2. Those orange eyes:

Midnight, I woke up, had to use the powder room. I got up, scared of the dark, I asked my mother to take me there. On our way we saw big orange eyes staring us. Blinking and glittering in the dark, slowly we approached those eyes trying not to scream. It was only when we heard a “MEOW”, to our surprise it was the Siamese cat that my father rescued that night and brought home.

*In old times houses had powder rooms located outside for the guests.

3. That scary tv serial:

I’m sure everyone remembers this, the horrifying drama of 90’s, “Haqeeqat”. Not sure what was so horrifying in it. Back then it seemed so. The girl with curly hairs, so scary. Funny now. Drama

4. Finding Narnia:

This story too involves my grandma’s home. We were playing, and those stupid guns, I don’t know who the hell invented those, had something circular , a bullet stuck in it. I fired it playing, it wasn’t my fault but it hit my only male cousin, who everyone loves…. (The only male kid in our family after so many prayers and so on………………………, my Grandma says).

Being so scared of scolding; I found my own Narnia, a cupboard for hiding. I hid there for hours eventually found. I wasn’t scold, huff… Whenever something happened I hid there for hours.

5. I hate clowns:

One of my mother’s students invited us to her birthday party.

Kindergartener and their parties. 

The creepy clown there kept insisting me to take pops. Why would I take it, I was not a kindergartener. I was 8 or older. Finally, I realized that to get rid of the short guy I had to take the pops.

I love curls, love cats, still hate lizards, I hate clowns and I always will, don’t hide in cupboards rather run away from facing bad situations, memories are after all memories.



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