The feature image of this post might make you think that it is about sugar and diabetes. Let me assure you it isn’t. It’s  about a very common habit that most of us can’t  break, “Sugar-coating”.

What sugar-coating really is?

In easy words, sugar-coating is making difficult and unacceptable things seem acceptable, appealing and pleasant.

During a lecture of business communication and ethics course, I came to know that most of the companies use the strategy of sugar-coating to maintain their customer base and hire more employees.

Suppose, if some of your company’s vendor didn’t fulfill an assignment properly, rather than informing that your company is dissatisfied with their performance, your company will inform that their performance wasn’t up to the mark.

Most of the political leaders too use this strategy, kill thousands of innocents and tell people it was required to look for a terrorist and it was for their safety.

Islam and sugar-coating:

Islam discourages dishonesty and hypocrisy, it also teaches us to not be impulsive, ignoramus and motor mouth.

So, should we be honest at all costs, even if it hurts others?

Al-Ghazâlî discusses the Prophet’s statement:

“Indeed, in eloquent speech there is magic.” [Sunan Abî Dâwûd (5007 and 5009)].

He states that this statement can be understood in two ways. In one way, it can be used as a form of praise, in other it can be used as a form of censure. Indeed, the beauty of speech lies in honesty, and eloquent speech has the power to move people’s heart and inspire them to act upon truth.

As a form of censure, it can be used to misguide people and corrupt them. A person can sugar-coat falsehood to appear truth and to make it acceptable to people and influence them.

Why write now?

It was when I became acquainted with more and more people during studies, I realized that most of the people can’t break this habit at any cost. Asking people to do so will make them impulsive and if they weren’t impulsive then they will sugar-coat their words. Even, I too did this. Life is full of lessons.

Things aren’t that difficult to explain, rather than being impulsive and saying you hate someone, or saying you don’t match their criteria of an ideal, you can always say I don’t like you. Easy and honest.