Click to death

Smile, click and death. Never heard of it before, right?  But in this century, anything can happen.Selfie

All of us love collecting memories. Some collect them in their hearts, while some collect them in the form of pictures. Almost everyday we hear news about deaths related to taking a selfie

What is a Selfie?

A recent addition to the dictionary includes the deadliest word of all, deadlier than any weapon of this world, “SELFIE“. 

A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smart phone or webcam and shared via social media.

(This is what Google says).

To me a selfie is a picture taken to show off one’s riches, their accomplishments, their friendship circle, a form of picture that showcases a person’s self-admiration. The American Mental Association associates taking more than 3 selfies a day to mental disorder, a disorder called, “Social media narcissism”.


SelfieOnce people carried cameras only at special occasions, now everyone is taking a picture of oneself at every 5 secs.

What memory will you share with others, if you, yourself become a memory. Think!Selfie

BE SAFE! Take as many pictures as you like but take precautions.

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