Mother of the Nation: Fatima Jinnah (فاطمہ جناح)

Today marks the 124th birth anniversary of the Mother of the Nation, Fatima Jinnah. Born on 30 July 1893, she was one of the siblings to Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Miss Jinnah graduated as a Dental Surgeon from University of Calcutta. After graduation she opened a dental clinic in Bombay.

Miss Jinnah

Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a great supporter of the idea of girls receiving higher education, and supported his sister in her political life. Miss Jinnah was by his side at every public occasion, she made speeches at various girls schools and colleges, attended many women rallies. She accompanied her brother at many tours. She also assisted her brother at London during the  Second Round Table Conference, in 1932.

Jinnah and Fatima
Miss Fatima Jinnah with Mohammad Ali Jinnah at a tour.

She was appointed as one of the committee members of the Bombay Provincial Muslim League, and worked as a member till 1947.

miss Jinnah
At a social gathering.

After the creation of Pakistan, several problems arose which included settlement of refugees. She managed to set up organizations for their settlement. 

Miss Fatima Jinnah was the solitary companion of her brother, and remained with him at Ziarat during his illness. After his death she became eager to get a biography of her brother penned down. For this purpose, she asked G. Allana to help her. 

G. Allana completed and published the biography under the title of Quaid-e-Azam Jinnah: The Story of a Nation”. Her biography on her brother is titled as “My Brother”, which exhibits her talent as a writer.

Fatima Jinnah life
The great Pakistani brother and sister.

In 1965, she ran for President as a candidate of the Combined Opposition Party. Ayub Khan won those elections with 63 percent of votes. Fatima lacked behind with only 36 percent of votes. The press concluded that she might have won if the elections had been direct. 

On July 11, 1967, she was found dead. Some believe that she died naturally, while others say that she was murdered. Only god knows the truth. 

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