Types of student in every classroom

  1. The Over smart:

    These are the ones who think they know it all. Unwilling to help others, always admiring their selves.

    Over smart

  2. The bullies/ The Extortionist:

    They are the ones who lack confidence in their abilities and always using others to get their work done, either by force or by threat. At the end of an assignment or project you’ll find them right beside you for its submission, when they didn’t help you at all in work.


  3. The Geeks/ The Nerds:

    Always ready to show off their technical skills, yes I am talking about the socially inept nerds.


  4. The Rich and the famous:

    Dressed up in branded clothes, arriving in a stylish car, we have the rich and famous kids. Found engaged in almost all social activities, found less in the class. Their work is only to comment on others, comment on their looks, their clothes etc.

    Rich and famous

  5. The Late comers:

    Arriving late in almost every class and coming up with a very lame excuse, the late comers.

    Late comer

  6. The Social media morons a.k.a Cyber Bullies:

    Taking pictures during a lecture, posting it on social media, these creeps never quiet. Investigating other classmates lives via social media makes them feel better about their on life.

    Social media moron

  7. The Back benchers:

    They have no idea of what is being taught in the class, they just come to keep up their attendance and have a good time with friends.

    back bencher

  8. The Religious ones:

    Their job is to guide others to follow religion.

    Religious student

  9. The Diplomats:

    What to say about them, they always have a neutral opinion. Diplomats, don’t want to get involved in any trouble.

  10. The Spoons (sycophants):

    Running after teachers for extra credit, we have the spoons (Chamche). They appreciate their teachers, even if they don’t like them.


  11. The Couples:

    Love is in the air. The couples, who never look into their books, they just look at one another. Their breakup and makeup rumors are more viral than a test announcement.couple

  12. The Cry babies:

    These are the ones who cry the most after an examination, but always get A’s.


  13. The Politically associated:

    Don’t mess with them, they are dangerous than a bully.

    politics in school

  14. The Bookworm:

    Only loves to read books.

    Book worm

  15. The Perverts:

    Their eyes are everywhere; hide your cleavage girls, they have a scanner in their eyes.


  16. The Borrowers:

    Oh! I forgot my pen today. The borrower classmate, borrowing almost everything from pen and notes to money.


  17. The Survivors:

    Well, my role and hopefully your role is also of a survivor. You are neither worried about looks, nor about grades. You go to study, have good time. You survive every up and down, always moving forward, never looking back.



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