Hello there! Is there someone you love and care about? Someone you admire. A person who makes you smile. Someone who is with you through every thick and thin. A person who appreciates you just the way you are. Perhaps a person like your mother and father. Or a love interest. Won’t you just love doing something for such a person?pure jar

Today, organize a special celebration for that special someone in your life. Put your heart and soul in anything you do for that person, i.e.; Meraki. Cook something, throw a party, how about handmade card? Almost anything to showcase your love. Don’t wait for any particular day to express your feelings.

Purest form of love is when you put your soul in something you did. Expensive gifts do count, but those little things that you do out of love, are indeed the true reflection of your love. When you do something with love and passion, you leave a part of yourself in that thing. Leave a part of yourself to your loved one. Create memories.