Unexpected guests

Ding dong! The door opens. 

Hi! How are you? We were passing by, we thought it would be great to visit you today.

Everyone loves when someone visits. Preparations are done before the visit. House is cleaned and special recipes are made. But when an unexpected guest drops by, it is no more than a trouble.

Trouble #1: Because you don’t have anything to serve

Unexpected guests
Rushing to the bakery to get chips, samosas, biscuits and cold drinks to save the day.

Trouble #2: Because your house is unclean:

Unexpected guests
Cleaning and putting away clothes in closet, because you don’t want your guests to have a negative image of your house keeping.

Trouble #3: Because you’ve to make excuses:

Unexpected guests
Making excuses about your health to help save your reputation.

Trouble #4: Because you’ve bathroom issues:

Unexpected guests
When you have bathroom issues and guests drop by. Pretty awkward.

Trouble #5: Because you’re not dressed properly:

Unexpected guests
Dressed when expected guests arrive.
Unexpected guests
Dressed when Unexpected guests arrive.

Your Reward:

Because you performed very well and handled the trouble, you get the reward of eating leftovers.

Eating leftovers when guests leave.

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    1. This post is inspired from my life… I hate it when someone comes to my home without informing prior.. But I love eating whatever was served to the unexpected guests when they leave… Hehe

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