Pakistani Weddings

Wedding, a bond of friendship between two people, a long-lasting relation in which they fulfill their vows, a journey towards the creation of a new family. That’s the meaning of wedding for the individuals getting married. For those who are attending, it’s entirely a different story.

  • Wedding, for families it’s a trade.
  1. For a girl’s family: A trade of goods (furniture, appliances, etc) and their daughter. In return they are promised a happy life for their daughter.
  2. For a boy’s family: A trade of bringing home a maid. 
  • Wedding, for aunties, it’s a time for match-making. 
  • Wedding, for unmarried girls: A time to dress-up.
  • Wedding, for unmarried boys: An opportunity to stare at girls.
  • Wedding, for others: A wedding hall is a place where they get to fill their empty stomachs.
  • Wedding, for me: Something I’ll skip attending. I’ll prefer staying at home instead.

Reasons why I don’t like attending Weddings:

  1. Because I have nothing to wear:

    Empty wardrobe. Sighs*
  2. Because I don’t like the vulgarity:

    Dance function at Pakistani weddings, not our culture. Total vulgarity.
  3. Because I am not photogenic:

    Total misery.
  4. Because I have to stay seated for hours:

    Afraid of getting up.
  5. Because I always return empty stomach:

    Fighting for food at a wedding, very tough.
  6. Because I don’t like the aunties:

    Too much drama.
  7. Because I hate tears:

    What’s the point of wasting money on makeup when you’re going to ruin it?
  8. Because Pakistani weddings are not normal:

    Lastly, abnormal behavior of families during group photo.

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