Midnight cravings: Cotton Candy

It’s about midnight, you’ve eaten dinner, yet you crave for that something extra. Your stomach, although is full, but that extra special something is so desirable that you would even climb mountains to get it.cotton candy girl

Last night, I had an extreme desire to eat candy floss. I don’t know what triggered this craving, but I do know that the last time I ate it, was when I was a kid. The “Ghubare wala”, brought it with him in schools and in streets. Packed in poly ethene bags, this colorful candy looked like Barbie’s hairs. May be that’s why it was named, “Gudiya k baal”. And after eating the candied strands, I also remember playing with the fake money with “Eid Mubarak” printed on it. This fake money was kept inside the poly ethene bag with candy floss.cotton candy

  • Gudiya k baal = Candy floss in Urdu
  • Ghubare wala = A person who sells balloons and sweets to the kids.

Sometimes I crave for popcorn, jellies, marshmallows, snow cone, and even sting. My cravings are rather unusual. I think these cravings are associated with my childhood somehow. Except the craving for sting. It’s a newly found love.

What is Cotton Candy?

Cotton candy, candy floss, tooth floss, or fairy floss is a form of spun sugar. It is made by heating and liquefying sugar and spinning it, it re-solidifies in minutely thin strands of  sugar. The cotton candy contains mostly air.candy floss

History of Cotton Candy:

Invented in 1897
Invented by Dentist William Morrison & confectioner John C. Wharton
Gained popularity as “Fairy Floss”, in 1904, World’s Fair

Cotton candy names

Latest trends:

The ice cream manufacturers all over the world are fond of transforming everything into ice cream. This sweet delight is available as an ice cream flavor too. 

cotton candy icecream

I never ate this ice cream, but I am pretty sure that it tastes wonderful.