Don’t look back

Reminiscing today.

The first time I ever participated in a competition was when I was in Montessori. It was an egg and spoon race. The aim of the race was to save the egg in the spoon from falling. 

I was leading the race. Suddenly, my cap, (every participant was given a paper cap) fell down from my head. Before start of the race, we were advised to return the cap as soon as the event ends. Me, like always took the advise seriously and stopped to pick up the cap. Eventually other competitors took up speed and won. I came last.

That paper cap, wasn’t worth gold. If I had not stopped to pick it up, I would’ve won the first ever competition of my life. I am like that stupid rabbit who always stops to take a nap. It forgets that the turtle might catch up. Whatever the reasons are for my stopping in the middle of the race of life, I lose every time. May be Allah{S.W.T} was trying to teach me a lesson from the beginning. But I never understood His ways. don't look back

I stopped to pick up the pieces of my broken friendships every time, when I already had the lead in the game of life. That’s why I lose. Those friendships weren’t worth looking back to. Only now I realize, when I see them succeed before me.

Don’t look back, if something or someone is gone, let it go. Like dead people don’t wake up from their sleep, dead relationships don’t do either. Stop chasing past. Keep moving forward. Break rules, don’t even follow advises. It’s ok to put yourself first sometimes.


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