Are you angry?

I was going through my inbox, cause I was dying of boredom, and incredibly found a mail of the seminar that I attended with my friend Aisha last year at University. It was about “Anger Management”.

Anger Management Seminar at Ned University.

We all get angry at times, and we all know that anger is not good. She suggested me to attend this seminar because I am at times very angry, and my anger, as I came to know in seminar is highly passive. An activity was held at seminar in which all the participants were asked to take a questionnaire and score themselves based on the answers. My score was 38/40 on passive anger scale. I get angry about moral things, like if someone name calls me or makes fun of my physical features, or something that I have no control of, I get angry, but confront very late. I try to run away from conflicts even if it hurts. I also get angry when I do something with love and affection, and the other person fails to see it, but this sort of anger vanishes away quickly. A few tear drops and it’s gone. There are a lot of things that make me angry, but I am thankful to Allah, that they are  morally bounded.

Types of anger
Identify your type of anger.

Cutting long things short, whenever you’re angry with someone, try to consider the other person’s point of view first. Are they right? Are you right? Are both of you right or both of you wrong? If you’re right and other person wrong, what can you do to explain them your point of view? If you’re wrong then accept it, there is nothing to feel bad about. We are humans, we all make mistakes, we can not be right all time. Amazingly, I’ve come across both passive-aggressive and aggressive individuals, and in my point of view, making them agree to some point is the hardest, it’s a total waste of energy.  But that’s just my opinion.


Download slides: Anger Management – NED