It’s Friday already

I am waking up very late these days. Having no activity at all, has made me lose the sense of time. It’s Friday already…. I thought today is Thursday, it was only when my mother told me, what day today is, I realized. Gosh! I have become so lazy and irresponsible!

Friday night

Friday night in my home means Biryani night. I am not a fan of Biryani, as many Karachites are. I don’t like mirch-masala. All the ground spices, make it difficult to eat. Imagine putting a spoon of Biryani in your mouth with elaichi (Cardamom) in it. Yuck! Worse, when it’s laung and dar chini (Clove and Cinnamon). And when you’re eating it at some occasion, you can’t even spit it out, you have to chew and swallow it. Have to maintain etiquettes.

Another Biryani night, coming right up! Have a great Friday… 🙂 


3 thoughts on “It’s Friday already

    1. I like less spicy food… I love vegetables… I eat all except Karela. And my favorite cuisine is Chinese, love eating noodles and vegetable fried rice. I’m sure I am not the only Karachiite, who has a different taste palette..

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