Transform yourself

A question that constantly bugged in my mind, is that, why do some people ignore all the good in you and use all your weak points to hurt you? No matter how much a person criticizes oneself, some people constantly try to lift up their morale. But they, in return, hurt them through every possible way.

Don’t be a bee that stings on the part of the body that’s already injured. Be a caterpillar, that’s transforming self. 


~Mehwish Younus Sheikh

When one focuses on self, instead of picking faults in others, the transformation begins.


2 thoughts on “Transform yourself

    1. Yes, I think appreciation of something that is present is better than criticizing over something that’s not. People want to see a mirror image of themselves in others. And that’s not possible.. Sometimes they even pick fault in something that is good in others, simply because they don’t do it themselves.. We should all focus on transforming ourselves… “Encourage on good. and the bad will itself disappear”…

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