Be modest while dressing up

Hey, what’s that awkward costume that you’re wearing? Why, don’t you change your style? I don’t like the way you’ve tied your scarf. I don’t like the color of your garment. Don’t you feel suffocated in it? Etc, etc, etc…

Doesn’t it bother you when someone unnecessarily comments on your appearance? Giving someone advice about something that is useful for them is good. But irrelevant comments show that you only want to prove your superiority. Fine, if that girl wants to wear jeans, let her wear those, or if she wants to dress herself up in an Abaya, let her dress herself in it. If her parents don’t have any issue with it, what’s your issue? It may be that she feels comfortable in it. Or may be she doesn’t like bright colors. What’s your problem? Are you a style expert? Or What? Why should one follow your suggestions, when you don’t even care about who she is or when you don’t even know her name, why interfere in her life?

People constantly judge others, especially girls have this weird habit of judging others appearance. If a girl wears hijab, it is because she is too religious, or if she wears something that is too tight or revealing, then she seems open-minded to them. Some even think that if a girl is covering her hair, then she has no intellect. And the list of these stereotypical opinions goes on.

That’s about how people judge us, based on our clothing. But don’t you think that it is also our responsibility to be modest while dressing up?

Why wear something that attracts unnecessary attention? and why waste cloth in designing such an outfit that can give clothing for three? 

What’s the point of wearing a scarf in a way that reveals some hair? or a fitted Abaya?

An outfit that is closed to being naked, why wear it in the first place? Don’t you think it will provoke others? All of this goes for both genders.

Be modest while dressing up!