A hatred or mistrust of women, for them being women.

We all talk about the roles of men and women, and we all talk about respecting both the genders. But do we even follow what we preach?

Let’s just skip religious context for this moment. Do men give equal opportunities to women at work place and in education? Why is it so that a man gets jealous if a woman gets more grades than him, or if she gets a promotion in the office? Why does he blame other men for being easy on her, even if they weren’t. And why does he think that a woman gets privileges? The answer to all of that is misogyny.misogynist

While misogyny has nothing to do with religion, and it’s purely related to psychology, some people end up associating it with religion. No religion, in any form asks a man to disrespect a woman or isolate her from basic human rights. Some misogynistic men may use religious context to cover up their behavior. For this, a woman first needs to know her rights and duties within her religion. Only then she will be able to spot a misogynist. Educating both the genders is necessary to stop misogynistic behavior.

Islam is not misogynist:

Hazrat Aisha {R.A}, had a great mathematical mind, and many Companions of Prophet Muhammad {S.A.W.W} seek help and advice from her on accounting issues. They were men too, but they never felt bad to ask her help? Then why do men today feel egotistic in asking a woman to help them with something she is good at? Same goes for women. Islam doesn’t discourage women from education or work. They can ask for help from men. The boundaries that Islam has set, is only for their own protection.

People misinterpret the Quranic context, for whatever reasons. I am not much of a religious person, so I try and keep religion out of my posts as much as possible. 

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