Friendship poem

Someone from my colleague’s wrote this poem a few years back. Since I am not in the mood to write something today, I am posting it here.  I can relate to this poem a lot.

Friendship is the best relation in this world. A friend is like a brother/sister, that you get to choose yourself.  But when a friend betrays you, you feel empty and cheated unable to trust anyone ever again.

Some people are meant to cross our path, perhaps as a lesson from god. Be wise in the selection of friends.

Why does it hurt when someone betrays you?
when someone breaks your trust;
when someone your own lies to you
tell me why it happen must?
Someone from whom you have expectations;
friendship, relations and much more,
When your friendship knows no limitations
they hurt you and don’t even feel sore
Ah! perhaps I made the wrong choice
or this long time has changed him
But he neither know trick nor vice
or its company that’s turned him thin
He is my best friend or so it was…
at least this is what I thought
He hasn’t even given me the right to be cross
so what besides could’ve I sought?
I am sad, alone full of solitude.
They say I am emotional,
” oh what happened to you dude?”
you are being so abnormally crude
I’m going to miss you dear buddy,
 coz you’re the one I can’t forget
I wish you’ll come back to me
and well be friends as soon as things will let 

~Hassaan Malik