A short story: Homeless

What is home? Is it a place where we live? Then what’s the difference between a house, a home and a shelter? We can live in a house and a shelter too. Why use different words? There are enough synonyms. Why waste the pages of dictionary by overloading it with words of similar meaning? No one has an extra efficient vocabulary to remember all these words.

The obvious thought that come to our minds is that, a house is concrete and a home is made of love and affection. A house becomes a home when its residents live with peace and comfort. They love each other and their love is free from greed. Whereas a shelter is a temporary residence. So, can’t a shelter become a home? For a place to be home, we believed that love is required. What if the residents of a shelter, love and respect each other, they can form a home too. If only love makes a house made of concrete, bricks and wood, a home, then it can convert a homeless shelter that too is a building into a home.

Time once again rendered her homeless. All these voices were murmuring in her mind. She questioned herself. If she were to live places where people are filled with greed and their mind wander towards luxuries, so much that they won’t even refrain from claiming possession of her property, then why she shouldn’t live on the streets and find comfort instead of searching for a shelter or a house.

From one hell to another, and back to the same hell. What’s the point in moving back to a place which her family called a home, before its residents turned materialistic and made her life a living hell? Some hope had revived in her life when they moved to a new house, but again, nothing lasts forever, this joy was of few days, it only takes seconds for someone’s mind to change. The desire for extravagant luxuries can suddenly pop in the brains of people, whom you refer as a family. And these desires may result into separation and usurp of your property.

Should she go and live on the streets? Or should she return back to the hell where she came from? Or should she stay in this new hell? She questioned herself again. She thought these voices will guide her. But to her misery, there was no answer. homeless-girl