Bushra’s new friend

If you want to be good friends with someone, meet them frequently. If you are already good friends with someone, meet them occasionally.


Bushra and I have ceased contact lately. We don’t chat on Skype, nor do we text on msgs. And the reason for this is basically because I get annoyed if she contacts me often. I have some problems to deal with.

That’s the strategy with maintaining friendships. You contact and meet old friends occasionally and new ones often. Because we as humans have expectations. The more we know someone, the more we expect them to understand us, and understand our problems. And if the other person fails to live up to these expectations, we get frustrated.

To my relief, Bushra has made a new friend. And when I am not around, she talks to that new friend. At least, I don’t feel guilty of not spending enough time with her. Her new friend, is no doubt good looking, cute and charismatic. I feel a little envious of him. He is around Bushra 24/7. That’s how friendships are. When you are with your friends, you feel annoyed by their presence, and the moment they befriend others, you are filled with jealousy.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you all Bushra’s new friend.


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