Who wants a cup of tea?

What’s in a cup of tea? The answer to most of you is, tea leaves, sugar, milk and water. But what makes that cup of tea special is the person who is making and serving it.

Yup, you guessed it right! I’m talking about overnight social-media star, Arshad Khan. Mostly known as, “Chai Wala“. The media and people, especially girls got all googly eyes over his blue eyes, after his photograph was published on social-media. Within a few days, he was called for interviews and shows. He was asked to take the most important decisions of his life.

Give the boy some space, he is only 18 at the moment. I saw one of his interviews, and he said that he is illiterate. Most of us get education to earn anyways, I won’t go on advising him to get educated, I’m not his elder sister.. I think the media should let him decide whether he wants to do acting, modelling, commercials or even marriage. And stop calling him “Chai Wala”, show him some respect!

As for Arshan Khan, you give respect, you get respect. If that’s what you are seeking!

Arshad Khan, tea seller. Media credits: Dawn

One thought on “Who wants a cup of tea?

  1. Brilliant advice for him. I also felt sorry for the poor guy after our “advance media” sent him straight towards the 7th sky but as per trend, nothing was given to him on his way back to Earth.
    I just wish that he knows how to land.

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