Finding Mehwish

I always used to criticize my folks, why they named me “Mehwish“? The meaning of this name made me question my parents often. They said when I was born, I was quite fair and pretty. But soon, my health declined. It was all due to my prior beauty, that they decided to name me, “Mehwish, meaning as pretty as the moon.


This meaning doesn’t seem to suit with my image of myself. To me, I am a totally confused girl. A person who is emotionally distressed and who constantly doubt her appearance and credibility.

It’s funny, I’ve always dreamed myself as either an intelligent and confident girl, a successful and rich business woman or a dedicated writer, way far from the pretty version of me and my actual personality!

So, I set out to find Mehwish. Who Mehwish really is?


Along my journey, I managed to discover two girls with the same name. It’s always nice to find someone who has the same name as yours. Twenty three years, and only two people I came across, who have this name. I think girls are named Mehwish rarely now. To me, this name is going obsolete because of the meaning associated with it.

As I became acquainted with Mehwish 1, I came to know that she is intelligent, skillful and friendly. This Mehwish happens to be one of my teachers.

Recently, I found Mehwish 2, who is a WordPress Blogger. She is a fine writer, with dedication and passion towards her work.

My search has revealed to me, that no matter how many Mehwish I meet, they all will be an alter ego of myself.