Fantasizing Again

Although  I have conquered over fantasies that once prevailed my mind, Bushra is still fantasizing. And this time she had fantasized about my marriage day. Come on, I mean, why does it have to be me every time? Think about someone else’s marriage day. I am not interested in applying tons of makeup, and wear tons of jewellery with heavy embroidered clothing.

I know we all like to think good for our friends, but that’s not what I want in my life. I want selfless, devoted, committed love. The type of love, that is willing to sacrifice. Otherwise, I don’t want it.

I want the best, else I want nothing!

Fantasies are better to be remained in fairy tales. In real life, it’s all about being practical. For me, marriage is as black and white as this picture. If you want it to be a canvas full of colors, then you have to put your heart and soul into the relation, which most people don’t do.


Bushra, this post is to make you happy… Picture of a bride, posted my way…




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