Reasons why I hate job sites

So, it was time for you to get employed, and someone suggested that creating a profile on online job sites might help. Stop! It won’t help you much to get employed, it will only be a form of an online portfolio.  In my opinion, it is better to stick to old-fashioned ways of job searching, like finding job advertisements in newspapers.

Four reasons why I hate job sites:

You have to pay, to get a pay:

Almost all the job sites these days offer a premium account, which guarantees your Resume to be listed on top, when an employer search. job-site-premiumThis means even if you applied for a job, for which you had a suitable profile, your resume will be listed in the bottom, if you don’t have such an account.


You never get any interview call:

profile-viewsYou may get notified that your resume has been received by the employers but you rarely receive any interview call. Many times your job application would be viewed or the site’s dashboard will list your application as being shortlisted. no-interview-callshortlistedviewed

Getting employed through job site is time consuming:

The procedure of getting hired through a job site is time consuming. It would take around one or two months, for you to get an interview call. On the other hand, if you apply through a newspaper advertisement, and had a suitable profile and a well presented resume, you may receive a call the exact same day. This is my personal experience.screening-for-interviewhourglass

Because cheap people are everywhere:

Getting a contact request from someone on a job site may seem nice to you, but in reality it isn’t. Just like other social media sites, cheap people are everywhere. Accepting a contact request from an unknown person, thinking it might be helpful in getting a job, ain’t helpful, it’s harmful! Especially, if you are a lady. Within minutes of accepting an unknown contact request your site inbox will be filled with abusive messages.

Dear not so professional men: If a girl accepts your contact request on a job site, don’t display your cheapness. She has applied for job search, not for prostitution! Lay off!