Tough Tie – Love or Education/Career??

Love or education? What would you pick? It’s difficult to decide. Let me make it easy for you.

“Love your education, and education will help you find true love”.

Don’t trust me? Check out what Breath math has to say about choosing between Love or Education/Career.

Breath Math

A child is born illiterate but its education which makes him/her human being! Education is a process of humanizing. A big concept it is! It is not only imparted in an educational institution but education is the sum of total life experience.

In formal meaning of education it is linked with SCHOOLING! Main process of education will be fulfilled by school/college or any other education institution. At the end of an academic year or at the end of a particular course of education, after passing the examination, one will be considered as a GRADUATE! Clearly, Difference between education and graduation!

So, education is a bridge between man and human being! Education at schools/ universities helps in preparing oneself to get a good job which is the need of life, which will give a standard living.

During schooling, what are the main concepts comes in one’s life?

  • Dealing with attendance
  • class…

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