The real beggars

Narcissism has always been a topic of my interest in psychology. And being around narcissists has made me even more interested in studying it. Although the only study material I have on it is from the internet. Still, I try and come up with new information on this topic.


I was passing by my Father’s room, when I heard a really good explanation on television by Dr. Shahid Masood stating the psychology and behavior of  politicians. He stated, “They are the among the type of beggars, who are fit in condition, even earning plenty, yet they beg others to give them money! And often, we end up giving them what they want, just because we want to get rid of these people. They are the type who won’t even pray for us, even after they are given what they desire. Likewise, the politicians ask us to vote, and in return they rob us of our national treasures”.

A person who is really in need, never forces or some might never ask you for anything. The person who is in need know, that it is better to remain poor, than to ask and to feel ashamed.


Think of some relative, a friend or a colleague who might fit the criterion of those healthy beggars, and  I am sure you might be able to relate someone to this form of narcissism. There are a few people from my life, I can relate as this type. I remember a few colleagues who would always beg for their work to be done by others, as they were so sick to not do it themselves every time or they would develop an explanation for it, when they were actually wasting time partying off with friends. Actually, such individuals have been pampered mostly in childhood, so they think they deserve special privileges and they are more talented. Or may be because they pose/ think of themselves to be suffering more than anyone else in this world is.

They do have a problem, I agree… But we have a bigger problem than theirs. Why do we fall for their emotional manipulation every now and then? Some of us always give off a weak point to a narcissist, so they can exploit us easily. Or may be because they promise small gifts or give us something that would be impossible for us to get!

Love is primarily a contract for a narcissist. They don’t know how to love or do something for others. A narcissist never suffer a guilty conscience! A narcissist is entitled to lie. It is the only way for him to operate in the world. And since they think this way, they think all think their way! Narcissists never miss someone after their gone, they are just their preys.

~Source: Google

The politicians, mostly give off free food in their campaign. And once in power, they increase the price of food! Yet again and again we keep falling, for the benefit of a single day!



Narcissist need pampering and their lust for power, money and superiority over other won’t ever end!


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