Congrats Bushra!

A few days back, I was having breakfast when Bushra texted me, that she is going to receive her PM laptop from the University. If you are a citizen of Pakistan, you must be aware of the PM Laptop Scheme. Although, I don’t support any government or politician myself, this is a really nice initiative taken by the present government. Almost everyone at the end of the day receives a new laptop and an internet device. The criteria of the scheme is merit, not the financial status of the person applying. Don’t feel dis-heart if you didn’t get one, if you have a low merit, but in need, it may take sometime. Keep in touch with the focal person of your University, you might receive it in the next phase if you didn’t receive it the first time. I received mine when I was in 4th year of University. And it proved helpful for me in my final year project. The scheme is aimed to educate the youth, and increase their computer skills. There are other good schemes as well that are launched by the present Prime Minister.



For info regarding youth schemes visit: Youth.PMO



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