Keeping Organized

Although I try to keep myself and my work organized in every possible manner, it frequently happens that I fail to find something or remember important occasions. Organizing is important in every aspect of life, whether you have to arrange your study notes, keep a track of job applications submitted or even remember birthdays of special people in your life. If you are organized, you save time and perform a task efficiently.

This year was unorganized for me. I failed to keep track of most events in my life. Ever since I went to University, I got a few bad habits, and this “unorganized personality” is all thanks to the time spent there. Hehe.

As 2016 was the year of my graduation, dropping resumes and submitting job applications online was the only activity this year.

A record of companies where I gave test and interviews, since the passing year. I will try to keep a record of all the companies, I submit my resume to, either by visiting or by online application for next year. InshaAllah!

I submit at an average 10 to 20 job applications every month. I would leave no stone unturned to get the job that suits my salary requirement!

Hopefully next year, I will keep a record of places where I give my resume too. This record ain’t enough. Since every time my phone rang this year for an interview call, I almost failed to recall whether or not I’ve submitted my resume to the such and such organization. And it was either rushing to the mailbox to check or the job sites dashboard which I applied through.

Imagine the humiliation faced when the person calling you asks, which post did you apply for and you don’t have any answer!

Download my excel sheet and keep your job search organized: Job search