3 steps to save 100k before you’re 25

So, yesterday I was giving a test for the position of copywriter at a company. I lost the track of time while giving the test, and I had to finish the last section of the test in only 5 minutes. The last section comprised of essay writing. From 4 to 5 topics, the topic that got my attention, was “3 steps to save 100k before 25”. Although I was allowed to use google for this part of the test, I figured that it is better to write whatever jumbled thoughts I had in mind, than to search google and waste time reading and paraphrasing.

Do you think it is possible to save 1 lakh in your account before you turn 25? I think it is impossible, yet I tried to write an essay, that seems I am giving valuable advice.

Few points I remember that I wrote in 5 minutes, I am sharing here, for your thoughts:

Don’t you just love the scent of money? I am sure you do, just like me. We all love it. And we all want to save money. But can you save 100k before you turn 25? I am 23 and my bank balance is almost nil. All I can do now is work 9-5 and do overtime to generate money. Since I will always be spending on stuff at this age, it wouldn’t be possible to save.

We only realize the value of money as we enter teenage. Which means we have wasted 13 or 15 valuable years in our life which could be used to save the greenery.

It seems that we require magic or miracle to help us out.  The real magic is in the mind and some planning would do the trick for us. I wish I had the thinking genie for me when I was a child. Never mind!


Step 1:

Stick to a budget:

Yes, we can’t do this in young age. But as we reach maturity, we can plan a budget and stick to it, not spending a penny above it. Calculations are necessary. If you save 18 rupees everyday at the age of 10, you will have almost a lakh in your account when 25.

Step 2:

Shop wisely:

Don’t be a price tag! Shop wisely, don’t spend money on anything that is unnecessary. Compare prices. How many times has it happened to you, that you spend 100 rupees on something that could be bought for 50? Happened to me many times. Buying a book for 100 that can be bought for 50, won’t make you a celebrity. Have brains. Price doesn’t change the content of the book, it remains the same.

Step 3:

Hit the jackpot:

We only get one life. It’s now or never. Gamble a little. Go for scholarships, we spend almost lacs on our education. That money can be saved.

Start saving early, put the birthday money that your granny gives you in a piggy-bank! Because,

Money is less spent when in the bank than when in the hand. ~ Mehwish

 It’s not that difficult to save money, when you know the secrets”.


11 thoughts on “3 steps to save 100k before you’re 25

  1. fantastic .
    more important is have a financial goal and make a habit of systematicly saving. im sure teenagers get lot of pocket money these days .
    7 years is a good time if your start investing at 18.
    if you go for equity funds and invest 1000 INR every month @ rate of 10-12% interest approx 100k is very much achievable .

    ofocurse if you start earning at 21 . should be saving at 10% of monthly income .

    other facts are bang on ..like reduce unnecessary expense and all


  2. Very nice tips these are. In our society, teenagers don’t pay much attention in utilize season vacations or exam breaks for anything else, other than more study. So, when they turn 25, many of them are on roads, searching for jobs.


    1. Yeah, this happens to all of us. Not all are born with silver spoon in the mouth… It’s mostly the parents who spoil their kids… I think parents should teach their children the value of money at a young age. I learned it through my circumstances. Had been saving and smart spending since childhood.
      Luckily, I managed to save around 50 thousand on my university education through scholarship. And all the money, I had been saving since childhood, I spent some in buying notes, some for buying mobile phone, some for paying for my laptop repairs and some of it for attaining my degree and certificate. And now my account is nil!

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