The constant combat

Yet again, I am in front of my laptop posting a few moments from my life. So, I received a call from a company yesterday and it was not an unexpected one like all the places I apply, I didn’t apply for this one myself my resume was forward by someone. I was already told to prepare for it, as I would be asked a few questions. Anyway, I didn’t anticipate the amount/type of questions the interviewer would ask me. This guy interviewed me as if I have memorized the entire object-oriented programming book… Robert Lafore sit next to me kindly! Yes, I don’t remember anything until I revise it.

If anyone else goes for the post of a software engineer, these are the questions they will ask!

  1. What are the pillars of OOP?
  2. What is the difference b.w structure and class?
  3. What are constructors and modifiers?
  4. How many variables can a constructor have?
  5. How many destructors are made for 4 constructors in a class?
  6. What is polymorphism?
  7. What is abstraction?
  8. What is a trigger?
  9. What is a process?
  10. What is a deadlock?

This is as far as I remember!

I am not a 100 GB memory card. People question you as if they are gonna pay you a million! Neither am I Einstein or the Rain man… I can’t recall something I learned around 3 years ago without revision. I am a normal girl! The bottom line of the story is that I am sick and tired of people judging me on the basis of few memorized questions and concepts! Stop it! For your information, the people who always score 100/100 are the ones who rote learn and they don’t even have the guts to hold a mouse in their hands! I was fair and I gave fair answers saying I don’t remember. I didn’t beat about the bush. I don’t know the pillars of OOP, the only thing I remember is that it has classes, that is different from c-language in which a code is written and executed as one. A structure’s variables are defined once, a classes variables can be changed or modified, unlike structures! I don’t remember constructors and modifiers. I know polymorphism w.r.t chemistry. A simple carbon can be in multiple forms. It can be a diamond or it can be dry ice! A trigger comes when something that is not likely to occur, occurs like a 16-bit register if it overloads with 32-bit data! I can’t define a process or a deadlock!

Sorry to all who admire this language! I hated it the day I gave viva in 2nd year and I hate it today once again! I don’t even wanna revise any of it again. Give the damn position to someone else, I don’t want it anyways! I just want happiness!

People need to deal with shit they possess! Get therapy! Stop the judgment and check the real potential of a person!