Happy Birthday to me

I called almost everyone on 19th January whose actions has bugged me in past and those who never took up the courage to stop those who bullied me and make them listen to the voices of my head. This anger has been building up for a very long time. And I finally lost control. Not to forget, I even called the company where I interviewed for the post of Jr. Software Engineer and tortured them… If they wanted experienced programmer then why interview me in the first place? And why ask me bookish questions? It’s hard to recall bookish knowledge without revision not just for me, for everyone I think. I made them suffer and I made them cry the way they made me, I am a telecom engineer, not a software, I never applied for this, they are the ones who liked my resume, why pair me up with something that ain’t relevant to my studies, and if they had then they should train. I hate negative feedbacks. Not because I think of myself as very talented or intelligent, because they make me more and more hopeless towards my job search. From now on, I think they will be asking more general questions and checking the hard work and potential when employing. I hope my scolding has made some difference. Yes! If they stop and think. Otherwise, it would’ve hurt them.

If I had enough money, I would’ve been an apprentice or an entrepreneur. Should have never let other people judge me this way. But curse my fate. It had to be this way.

After this temporary moment of insanity, it was time to celebrate my birthday the other day. Yay! Sometimes I wish I was never born. I had made enemies with so many people this way. My education has been destroyed before and now my career is destroyed, life had never been better!

So, I went outside with Bushra to celebrate my Birthday to overcome these sad memories. We had already made plans and Bushra didn’t want to wait till next year.

We went to Dolmen Mall, Hyderi like always.

My father brought a birthday cake and tons of chocolates and candies which I took to the mall.

Birthday_Cake 1
Birthday cake cutting ceremony with Bushra. At Dolmen Mall, Hyderi 20 January 2017.

We played games. And I even managed to win a stuffed bunny after three trails.

Sinbad at Dolmen mall, Hyderi.
I won this! Yay…

We ate lots of Golgappay, Popcorn, and Icecream and drank soft drinks.

Birthday treat for Bushra, Icecream.

Like always, we took lots of Photographs in front of shops. Sharing a few here.

Stuffed Toys
Photograph of Bushra’s favorite shop.
Stuffed Toys
This time they had Olaf too.

Bushra gifted me jellies and chocolates. I have stock for this entire month now.

Her mother gifted me Pickles (Shaljam ka achar). I remember eating those pickles with peas and rice (matar chawal) at her home 2 years ago. It was an amazing coincidence that my mother made the same dish on my Birthday and Bushra’s mother gifted me pickles.

Dane dane pe likha hai khane wale ka nam.

“Everything happens for a reason and a purpose, and it serves you.”

Something important for my sweet tooth.

When I reached home another cake was waiting for my arrival. I had two very similar looking Birthday Cakes this year.

Cake cutting ceremony at home 20 January 2017.

This year’s birthday has been the best. Thanks a lot to Bushra, her family and my family for making it an unforgetful memory!

Pictures Courtesy: Bushra Siraj


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  1. Happy belated wishes.. BTW don’t worry about interviews.. I’m a technical lead and I know how interviews are. Even when I switched jobs I was rejected by 9 companies. And then slowly I got offers from 4 companies from which I selected the one which paid good. So keep going.. Enjoy the process. Study again whatever was missed. U wil do good


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