Instead of feeling ashamed, when told of their wrong doings, people smile an evil smile and keep going on.



3 thoughts on “Ashamed

    1. For example, a person who mix water in milk and milk in water, when told that he is wrong, instead of feeling ashamed, keeps doin’ the dirty business. There are lots of examples… Poor or rich, is no exception, right is right and wrong is wrong.. But in our society, the person who follows the right, and does the right, is made to feel ashamed for it…

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      1. well i asked this because more than concluding something as right or wrong im more concerned about both parties perspective. what may seem wrong to you may be right from thier perspective , and the converse is also true .
        im not taking milkman’s example here but generally speaking ..
        but yes if its ethically wrong , then irrespective of gender or status one should get it rectified .


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