Think impossible with Tech House Co.


“Always think to do something Impossible because impossibility of today will definitely be possible in near future.”
– Umer Farooq (CEO/Founder Tech House Co.)

It’s ’bout time to step outside of the thinking box and think the impossible. Let Umer Farooq, Founder Tech House Co. broaden your thinking horizons.

I believe I was a born engineer. In my childhood, I haven’t left any of my toys unopened. Screwing out the toys and playing with its electric components e.g. led lights and motors was my hobby. When my father came to know about my activities, instead of stopping me he sent me a gift from abroad. That was the best gift of my life and a matter of motivation for me. That gift was screw driver set. My father used to say that my son will be an engineer one day and yes I am studying a remarkable field of Biomedical Engineering now.
I neither invented anything nor am I the topper of my class. I have no such big achievement so far in my life. I am writing this article just for a cause.
Having an interest in technology from a long time, I read some research papers and subscribed many websites and social media channels for keeping myself up-to-date.
But the question always came in my mind was: “Why is there no as such advancement in the field of science and technology in our country?”
I always tried to study the research papers published by Pakistani students but never found any good platform where Pakistani Students work is shared.
So the purpose of writing all of this is to speak about why we are lacking behind in the field of science and technology.
The only answer to this question is that the innovative ideas in our mind are repressed by a word called as Impossible.
Question: What does the word impossible means?

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Ans:  For me, Impossible is the thing which hasn’t been done so far and will assuredly be done in near or far future.
Inventions can only be possible if we think about impossible ideas. Think like a crazy child or like a fool and come up with an idea which is practically not possible yet.




4 thoughts on “Think impossible with Tech House Co.

  1. excellent, i have the same story, with only one difference, i had never read any research paper… i my self enjoyed the operation ( i use this world deliberately) of toys, get tool gifts from parents, even i started soldering when i was in junior school. i had learned html when i was 13 year old. but time is the things that can change every thing . Now i hate electronics, i dont like to do soldering , i dont like coding .. i haven’t achieve any big award yet, but i think, things are not to be done to archive some thing, to me its my hobby, my passion which i do ..

    its really very important to stick one thing and continuw to move forward in that field, thats my advice to umer farooq


    1. Although, I am not the author of this article, I think, that imagination has no control. It has a mind of its own and if people had restricted their imaginations, we would have never seen inventions like the bulb, the telephone etc..We can make progress only if we start thinking… As for the part where you mentioned achievements, I believe the same. Things should never be done with the intention of achieving something if you love doing something and it’s your passion, then whether or not you are awarded, you keep on doing it!… And eventually, you succeed!


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