Careers In Writing

Are you an aspiring writer? Want to take up a career in writing? Check out this infographic I made. I tried my best to give information if I had messed up, comment and let me know.  I’ll add and correct, wherever required.

  • Concept/Creative Writing is the same.
  • Research Analyst is another term that some organizations use for an academic writer.

Just last year when I was in search of a job, I decided to check out writing jobs, as my eldest sister is an academic writer, I thought I may also end up having a career in writing.

As I searched these jobs, I came across different terms/fancy titles. Well, every organization has different requirements when it comes to writing. And not all may be of a person’s interests or suit their writing style.

Copyrights: Mehwish Younus. Prose, Poetry and a Lil’ bit of Engineering, 2017.

2 thoughts on “Careers In Writing

  1. Last year, I applied for couple of technical and copy writing based jobs in many. Received reply from only 2 and didn’t passed their entry test with flying colors.
    Because all colors bought expensive plane tickets and decided to leave me alone ;D


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