Eid-ul-Fitr and Bakengg.

This year, the announcement regarding the sighting of Eid moon was quick. Almost after 15 minutes of Maghrib prayers, all the news channels confirmed that Eid moon has been sighted and Eid-ul-Fitr will be celebrated in Pakistan on Monday 26 June 2017. 

With this sudden announcement, there was happiness in the air and my mother started preparations to make Sheer for Eid day after Iftar. It has become a tradition in my home to bake a cake for Eid day as well. So, my elder sister started baking. I, as usual, helped her out in measurements. The baking of cake and frosting was finished at 12 am. We woke up at 6 am on Eid day to finish the assembling and decoration of the cake.

Here you have it… The star of Eid day, Ferrero Rocher cake.


As this is not a baking blog, I will only share how we made it instead of sharing the recipe. The cake base was made in two 10×10 inch pans and layered into four. The base ingredients included eggs, cocoa powder, chopped walnuts, oil, baking powder and soda, plain flour, granulated sugar, and essence.

For frosting, we mixed icing sugar, butter, and Nutella in a bowl with the help of an electric beater.

After layering the two cakes into four, it was time to assemble the entire thing. The layers were topped with frosting and a variety of chopped mixed nuts (cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios, and walnuts). After completing this process for all three layers the last layer was topped with frosting and decorated with Ferrero Rocher. Some more chopped mixed nuts were sprinkled on sides of the cake.

Once again Eid Mubarak friends…

Keep the celebrations simple.

Remember all in prayers.

Cursed or blessed?

Hi! Hope you’re all doing fine.

The month of may wasn’t much of a blessing for me. It started with both of my laptops hard drives getting corrupted. Therefore, I took my laptops to a computer repair shop. Luckily one of my laptop’s hard drive wasn’t completely dead, and some data was restored.
With whatever money I had been saving to buy a new cell phone, I was able to get one of my laptop’s hdd replaced. In between all of this financial chaos, I also suffered from immense kidney pain. Although I had been constantly consulting and taking antibiotics from my physician. After almost a week I finally overcame the pain and felt healthy.

I also suffered great emotional loss this month. I lost all my three beloved kittens.
At the end of may, I was engrossed in fasting, praying, reciting Quran, reading books and articles and preparing Iftari with my mother and elder sister. We prepared a variety of wraps, samosas, rolls, sandwiches and some donuts. All of this is digested somewhere in my stomach now, otherwise I would’ve uploaded the pictures.

Good news of this month was Bushra getting a new pet parrot. Congrats Bushra! Lots of love to your new friend.

Bushra’s friend!