Starting August

Many of you must be thinking that I missed the update for July. Well, I did this purposefully. The month of July was an unhappy one. It comprised of my visiting a new doctor twice and yes the visits cost too. I guess there was a hoodoo attached with this month. Almost everyone from my family either got hospitalized or sick.

Overall, I stood up well to the challenges this month offered.

Finally, we started the month of August with a bang. I and Bushra met on August 1st at Bumzee’s. We were accompanied by my elder sister and her friends.


Instead, of gallivanting the restaurant I and Bushra sat on the table that was reserved by my sister. I broke the ice by offering Bushra Eclairs Caramel.

As always, Bushra took tons of photographs.

We ordered Singaporean rice, Chow mein, Cold drinks. and Chocolate Ice cream was given as a treat by Bushra to all. Thanks, Maharani. :-)

It was a memorable day that surely relieved my stress.




4 thoughts on “Starting August

  1. Looks to me that I may have to plan up a trip to Bumzee’s as well. My wife and son both like chowmein and Singaporean rice, so it will be a good family out.
    I’m sure you and your family are feeling well now 🙂


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